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2018/06/21 @ 15:25
Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci resided in Milan for 17 years? Much of his work can be found in the city, such as the famous ‘’The Last Supper”.

Start exploring what Milan has to offer on the #ESOC2019 website:
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2018/06/20 @ 10:20
The deadline to submit your proposal for the #ESOC2019 programme is today! Share your ideas and interests with the Conference Planning Group! ESOstroke photo
2018/06/20 @ 9:30
Just published! @SAGE_News #ESJ online first, "Completeness of reporting of randomised controlled trials including people with transient ischaemic attack or stroke: A systematic review" and a simultaneous comment from dedicated ESO YSPR Committee members.
2018/06/19 @ 10:37
At ESO`s 2018 General Assembly, Martin Dichgans sworn in as President Elect, new committees were announced and an Honorary Membership was awarded. Read more on our blog: ESOstroke photo
2018/06/14 @ 15:40
#TBT! Have you seen all the interviews with the principal investigators of the clinical trials presented at #ESOC2018?
Here Kennedy Lees, who discusses the POINT Trial with Clay Johnston. View all trials on the ESOC website.
2018/06/13 @ 10:35
You have one more week to submit your suggestions to the scientific programme for #ESOC2019! Which topics do you want to see addressed?
Submit them online at:
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