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2018/10/18 @ 16:01
Have you watched the webcasts from #ESOC2018? They're freely available on our #ESOC2019 website:
Listen to explanations of the major #stroke trials, joint sessions, award winners and more #tbt
2018/10/17 @ 11:20
Jesse Dawson, Professor of Stroke Medicine from @UofGlasgow and chair of the #ESOC2019 conference planning committee is excited to welcome you to Milan next year and is already hard at work planning for next year's conference ESOstroke photo
2018/10/16 @ 9:02
Less than 2 weeks until World #Stroke Day. What are you planning for 29 October? We are busy preparing the monthly newsletter and other materials to raise awareness in Europe.
Visit the WSO`s WSD site: for resources #UpAgainAfterStroke.
2018/10/14 @ 7:10
Application Deadline: 1 November
ESO-ESMINT-ESNR #Stroke Winter School 2019. Apply now to be considered for a place in the 6th annual Acute interdisciplinary stroke treatment course for young stroke physicians and neuroradiologists @esmintsociety @ESNRad
ESOstroke photo