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How to Work with Stroke Registries

Are you already registering iv thrombolysis data and/or thrombectomy data in SITS?

Then a large part of the work is already done, since the reperfusion data for Angels can be retrieved directly from SITS. Just go on registering and continue completing and confirming your data. As a registered centre, this information will be transferred automatically, so you do not do anything further.

If you are not yet registering iv thrombolysis data and/or thrombectomy data in SITS:

You can find more information on the SITS IVT/TBY register and how to join here.

Providing high quality stroke care is not solely dependent on iv-tpa and thrombectomy. RES-Q collects data on all stroke treatment processes in the hospital. To obtain basic information about the quality of processes, a minimum of 30 patients per year is required, therefore, data collection in RES-Q is recommended as one month per year, or until you have 30 patients, whichever is higher. Data from both SITS and RES-Q are complementary, and they are the basis for the ESO Angels Awards.

As a registered centre in the ESO Angels Awards, you do not need to do anything further, the information will be transferred automatically to the ESO Angels database.

If you use the data from a national stroke registry, it needs to be approved by the Angels national coordinator and accepted by the registry. You can download a form to submit a request to your national stroke registry for this purpose. If you use data from a national stroke registry it is your responsibility that the registry will submit the required information.