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ESO Angels Awards Database


How Does the ESO Angels Awards Database Work

Information from the registry/registries where you document your patient data will be transferred to the ESO Angels Award database.

If you enter data through RES-Q and SITS this will be done automatically. When you register in Angels, you will be given a centre ID, which you use when you authorise RES-Q and SITS to transfer information. If you use data from national stroke registries, you must use the same centre ID when you authorise the registry to transfer information to Angels.

The centre code is used to bring the relevant information from the registries to the ESO Angels Awards Database and show it on the report page. Only your centre can read your data until otherwise decided by the ESO Angels Awards Committee.

Until the first transfer of results, all registered centres will be graded as “Associate Member Centres”. After the first transfer, grading will be according to achievements.

Upon registration, you will receive a login, which will enable you to read your information and make corrections in your centre information page.