Session Proposal Topics

Prefix Name/Text
1 Service organisation
1a. prehospital
1b. hospital
1c. community
1d. new initiatives and developments
2 Ischemic stroke
2a. acute management – thrombolysis
2b. acute management – endovascular
2c. acute management – diagnosis/imaging
2d. acute management – neuroprotection
2e. acute management other
3 Haemorrhagic stroke
3a. acute management – treatment
3b. acute management – diagnosis/imaging
3c. acute management – other
4 Primary and secondary prevention
4a. ischaemic
4b. haemorrhagic
4c. diffuse/other, eg small vessel disease
5 Stroke aetiology
5a. atherosclerosis
5b. small vessel disease
5c. heart brain
5d. other
6 Long-term consequences
6a. vascular cognitive impairment
6b. small vessel disease
6c. neuropsychiatric
6d. functional
6e. other
7 Rehabilitation
8 Stroke across people and populations
8a. epidemiology
8b. low & middle income settings
8c. sex differences
8d. ethnic or regional/cultural differences
8e. socioeconomic differences
9 Discovery science
9a. preclinical
9b. proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics
9c. pathology
9d. genetics
9e. clinical translation
10 Technologies
10a. devices
10b. imaging
10c. robotics
10d. artificial intelligence
11 Innovations in clinical research
11a. clinical trial design
11b. use of disease registries
11c. use of ‘big data’
11d. innovative approaches using genetics
11e. other
12 Other


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