RES-Q has several new initiatives to announce, along with new tools, and another round of results data.  Some of the highlights in their update are:

  1. New dashboard which will be updated daily and provide visualization for the most important metrics collected in RES-Q. This dashboard will be available to every hospital to provide a current view of their overall performance.
  2. Q2 RES-Q results.
  3. New data sharing agreement document. For participants which choose to collaborate with external partners, this document can be used to authorize data sharing.
  4. RES-Q has added a new team member. Paul Benbow has taken on the position of RES-Q coordinator, so you will be hearing more from him soon.
  5. To improve accessibility to RES-Q, they’ve partnered with the Angels Initiative to allow users of their Stopwatch app to instantly upload critical stroke treatment timepoint metrics directly to RES-Q.

More details for all of these initiatives can be found in the update, along with instruction for how to use some of the new tools. RES-Q is a collaborative effort, so they are looking forward to hearing any feedback you have for these updates, or for anything else relating to improving the project.

Please find the complete update on the RES-Q website.