ESO Trials Network Committee

About ESO Trials Network Committee

The aim of the Trials Network Committee is to facilitate academic clinical stroke research in Europe.

This website contains the following resources for investigators:

  1. Database of ongoing stroke research: A repository of > 100 ongoing clinical stroke studies running in two or more European countries, including information about the coordinating investigators behind these trials. Download here.
  2. List of other databases of ongoing research: Overview of i) stroke-specific registries and ii) general registries.
    Click here.
  3. Information about regulatory systems: Overview of competent authorities and research ethics committees in Europe, with links to the legislation for clinical trials in the different countries. Click here.
  4. Information about insurance arrangements: Overview of insurance arrangements for multi-national clinical trials. Click here.
  5. List of courses and other resources: Overview of some relevant courses and other resources. Click here.

ESO Trial Committee’s workshops (Agenda & Documents):

  1.  2014   –   “What are the regulatory barriers to multi-national stroke studies in Europe, and how can they be overcome?” (Nice, 6 May 2014) Click here
  2.  2015   –    “Methods to improve recruitment and retention in stroke trials” (Glasgow, 16 April 2015) Click here
  3.  2016   –   “Increasing value and reducing waste in clinical stroke research” (Barcelona, 9 May 2016) Click here
2017 Workshop "ESO Trial Alliance (ESOTA)"
I. Is there a need, and are there opportunities?
Introduction Eivind Berge
Do we need a closer collaboration between stroke research networks? Gary Ford
What could be the purpose of a European alliance Rustam Al-Shahi Salman
What could be the structure? Peter Kelly
Existing European stroke research networks Urs Fischer
II. What can be role of a European alliance?
Result of survey: What can be role of a European alliance? Christian Stapf