ESO-EAST Nursing Education Project

What is the ESO-EAST Nursing Education Project about?

The goals of the ESO-EAST Nursing Education Project is to include enhancing nursing expertise in stroke and creating opportunities for further Stroke Unit Nurse Training courses in the ESO-EAST countries.

Good stroke care requires a sustained and coordinated effort from a large team, including physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, social workers, and others. Nurses play a pivotal role in all phases of care of the stroke patient. The Stroke Unit Nurse Education Project (SUNEP), part of the ESO-EAST project, was recently initiated by the ESO in recognition of the determining role of nurses in high-quality stroke care.

For whom is it intended?

According to the 2013 European Stroke Organisation recommendations to establish a Stroke Unit and Stroke Center, nurses need to be trained specifically in stroke medicine in a formal way, and before the nursing staff are allowed to work independently, formal practical training on acute stroke unit care is required and should be provided. Unfortunately, in the Eastern European region, this kind training is hardly available.

Can I join?

Stroke Unit Nurse Education became an important part of the ESO ANGELS initiative. We hope that updated modules for the Stroke Nurse training will soon be available on the ESO website in English. Later on, they can be translated into major regional languages to remove the language barrier and allow for training of a large number of Stroke Nurses in the ESO-EAST countries.

Tools of the project (onsite training, e-learning)

ESO-EAST delegates in collaboration with national stroke associations nominated candidates for the SUNEP. Participants from 12 countries were selected and invited to the kick-off meeting, held in Kiev, Ukraine, March 6-8, 2016. The SUNEP is based on a vocational training program with certification criteria called “Special Care on Stroke Units”, set up under the auspices of the German Stroke Society. After the kick-off meeting, the participants went through the E-learning phase by studying a set of modules over 6 months. Those who had completed all the modules successfully were invited to a on-site training on a certified Stroke Unit. According to the project plan, in October and November 2016 the ESO-EAST SUNEP participants in groups arrived at Johannes Wesling Klinikum Minden, Germany, to stay for 2.5 days and learn from experienced German colleagues.

Current state – status quo

The ESO-EAST SUNEP provided a unique opportunity for the Nurses and young Physicians from the Eastern European region to deepen their knowledge and gain new skills in stroke care. We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Drs. Yuriy Flomin, Ukraine, and Joerg Glahn, Germany, as the project leaders as well as Mr Thomas Fischer, the sponsor’s representative. We sincerely hope that the 19 ESO-EAST SUNEP participants, who completed the pilot phase of the project, will keep their promise and do their best to share the experience and contribute to bringing the standards of Stroke Nursing Care in their home countries to the best European level.



The ESO-EAST SUNEP – pilot phase, including the on-site training, was arranged by the ESO in collaboration the Ukrainian Anti-Stroke Association and supported by an unrestricted grant courtesy of Boehringer Ingelheim. The on-site training was organized and led by Dr Joerg Glahn, Senior Physician, University Clinic for Neurology and Neurogeriatrics, Johannes Wesling Klinikum Minden.