About the Action Plan for Stroke in Europe

The third consensus conference took place in Munich, 21 to 23 March 2018, building on the experience and the format of the previous conferences. The conference was organized by the European Stroke Organisation, in cooperation with the patient organisation Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE). Two previous consensus conferences on stroke management in Europe have been held in 1994 and 2006.  Both conferences were organised by the European Stroke Council (1994) and the International Stroke Society (2006) in cooperation with WHO EURO. The consensus documents (The Helsingborg Declaration 1996 and 2006) were utilised as the basis for setting up and planning stroke services. The declarations reviewed current evidence, set up fixed targets, and identified prioritized areas of research. Newly, there are seven domains of the Action Plan, five from the Helsingborg Declaration, plus Primary Prevention and Life after Stroke.

  1. Primary Prevention
  2. Organization of Stroke Services
  3. Management for Acute Stroke
  4. Secondary prevention and organized follow-up
  5. Rehabilitation
  6. Evaluation of Stroke Outcome and Quality Assessment
  7. Life after stroke

Besides the Prioritized Research Areas of the seven domains, there will also be a separate group who will be in charge of identifying Prioritized Research Areas for translational stroke research.

  • Translational Research Priorities Group

The Action Plan is led by a 12-member steering committee, 6 of whom will constitute the core working group. To see the members of the domains, click here

The document was launched during ESOC 2018 in Gothenburg and will be submitted to the ESJ in August 2018.