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What is the ESO Young Stroke Physicians Committee?

The ESO Young Stroke Physicians (YSP) Committee represents junior stroke physicians in Europe particularly for clinical, research, and career purposes, and for promoting their role within the European Stroke Organization (ESO) and in the field of stroke. It also provides a platform for connection and interaction of all young ESO members and young stroke physicians across Europe.

The committee is run by young ESO members approved by the ESO Executive Committee, composed of a chair and currently 8 members that meet annually at the European Stroke Organisation Conference or occasionally during other stroke meetings/conferences and are continuously in contact by e-mail or social networks.

Our aims

The mission of the ESO Young Stroke Physicians Committee is to promote important aims relevant for all young ESO members and young stroke physician across Europe.

Education and Research Advancement

  • Promotion of participation in stroke science workshops: The ESO Young Stroke Physicians Committee is willing to promote the invitation of young stroke physicians at reduced registration fee to important workshops, such as the European Stroke Science Workshop organised by ESO every two years in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, where young stroke physicians have the opportunity to meet opinion leaders in stroke.
  • Promotion within ESO of research grants for juniors interested in stroke research, emphasizing its role on supporting talented young stroke physicians, development of optimal research ideas, and education of future leaders in the field of stroke.
  • Identification and implementation of valuable educational means (ESO Summer School, ESO-ESMINT-ESNR Winter School, workshops, web-seminars, meetings, social networks, e-learning).

Training and Career Development

  • Organisation of career mentoring workshops and other events at conferences where young stroke physicians have opportunities to attend lectures of their interest by the most important worldwide leaders in the field of stroke, meet them, present and discuss their proposal for new studies with them and also a forum of other young stroke physicians, and have their advice and suggestions on the development of research programmes and career development.
  • Promotion of international long-term mentoring activities of stroke leaders for helping young stroke physicians and early career scientists to develop their professional career also by increasing international cooperation in the stroke research field.
  • Promotion of The ESO Deparment-to-Deparment Visiting Programme to allow young scientists or clinicians interested in stroke to learn about experience in other countries’ laboratories or clinics and support international exchange of information and expertise on clinical and research aspects of stroke and to create networking helpful for job opportunities and career development.
  • Information about existing research or clinical fellowship opportunities and job market databases.

Communication and Networking

  • Development of the ESO Young Stroke Physicians’ network by using mailing lists, social networks such as Twitter.
  • Implementation of a young stroke physicians database where the most relevant information on clinical and research interests are included in order to promote sharing of clinical opinions/research ideas, and multicenter and multinational collaboration.
  • Promotion of affiliation with other national or international young stroke physicians organisations.
  • Increase the number of ESO Young Stroke Physician members in order to implement the overall networking and promote more strongly our objectives within ESO.
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